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So long and thanks for all the fish!Jett(e), age 5ish. This is the one that inspired them all.let's get visualContinuing with the classical Greek theme in Christmas greetings, we presentMEOWthe twisted pencil holiday gift guideundeveloped humorHappy Thanksgiving! May the Odds and Ends of Your Minds Amuse You!a pun is always music to my earsthis joke has layersgo vote, so when your candidates don't win at least you know you did all you 'lariousanother chicken jokealphabet you've never heard this one beforehopefully he won't find the market to be sluggishhat attacka twistedpencil in the wildbe back in a bitThere's a joke? Under where?Thanks to the man and the character I spent a good deal of my childhood imitating (except the drug bit)rootaliationblerghstraight from aesop's tableyeah rightSUMMER!something to commit to memoryripe for parodygame on!spoilers: language changesi'll stop the world and melt with youour puns now come with built-in face palms!a good pun counts on other referencescheers to my favorite pun in classical lita guest puppet weighs inWhat do you call wood that falls asleep?hiatusthis wool save you energy!time to take stocka pony tale (sort of)<weaving pun>Good luck getting to warp speed</weaving pun>Seems like "Pi Day" season starts earlier and earlier every year.maybe I can be in charge of lightningLast comic about the Olympics for a couple of years :(Soch-eye OlympicsSochi a big dealstalk car racingLet's talk about sets, babyGuaranteed to block even the most annoying subwoofers.Yes, so Tuesday.Yay the first full week of work in a while! Yay! ...oh waitthese things can get a bit blurryMerry Christmas!the twistedpencil holiday gift guide: for the dino or (inclusive) ceramic lover in your lifethe twistedpencil holiday gift guide: a cross-stitch pattern for the punderful people in your lifeJust be thankful, guysFlesh Off the PressesLet me puntificate.Good, Quiet TimesGrrrHappy Ha-LOL-oween!And now for something a bit morbidToday I feel...Goin' to the chapelImperial ScienceAnd now some words of wisdom from our favorite philospherthis is what happens when I go to biology seminarsI think I need one of these for most Mondays.A Definitive Answer to the Question, "What is Big Data?"This one might be a little out of line...BTTFHen-dered<==>Life As an Aspiring Data Scientist: Yet Another Hertzfeldt HomageI Saw the Sinus--this one goes out to all you allergy sufferers(S)attireA Fig-ure of SpeechFor the zombie on the goInstead of filling you in on the past four years of my life (SCIENCE tells us audiences hate exposition), let's just jump back in Take 2Bocce Ball...Tickled orange....Use math responsibly.Blerk.A topologist is someone who can't tell the difference...Just to clear things up.Principles...On the lies we tell to amuse ourselvesthis is what runs through my head when I get an error messageYeehaw.A Cheeky KeyHow Pure Are You?...P.i. A very boring game.::trembles::My combinatorics homeworkFunctions have feelings too.Another useless invention...Keeping it real...Nerd it up.Hair today, gone tomorrowA Favorite Pastime...Fourshadow:)The Per Diem Remainder TheoremFalafel, Lettuce, and Tomato?...I'm giving a talk today...bleckThis started out as a picture of an cinnamon roll...Happy New Year!As Sex and the City taught us, even not having a pattern is a pattern :(Merry Christmas!I love PythonSo cold...ParkingNot a serious violation...Puppets Without Pants: The Moody PuppeteerTwangInfinite Loops and the Unisex Locker RoomHappy Thanksgiving!Intrigue at the CourtBeware hair products that promise fractional dimensionmy fantasy tattooThe hard thing is finding the unicornsThe Math GRE has left me a little addled.[0,1)...What do you see?...*cue relaxing music*...i-nocchio"Soup" by guest artist Nora YoungsSomebody get the batsWhen puns get scary...Sigma Freud and the Dense Subsetit's like topology hands out free jokesGauss-tronomical DifficultiesThis one is dedicated to all you graph theoristsTemptation....Sets and RelationshipsThe Adventures of Sir JectiveFashion...Because I hate bumpter stickers...In transit!...Take it from Tuck......The Adventures Continue!Math is Delcious, an ongoing seriesExploring the Motivation of EvilDifferent Types of ConsumptionA random break from our adventuresOn a missionWe begin our adventure!...Wild MathMath in Nature: The Butter-piNo wonder the restaurant is about to go out of business......Restaurant 2RestaurantSaid a slice of bread to his dear one day...Toyota has got us latest victimMy Least Favorite PunPuppets Without DimensionsDownsizingI graduated!Something I found while sorting through my old notesblargFunction of my dreams......BewareAnd back to the adventures of Sigma Freud!Wool Between the EarsEarth Day!ChiropractorLovey DoveylolcatzThis isn't funny...but I'm stressed...and in hiding!Couples Therapy with Sigma FreudJob SearchingOther puppets...My First Algebra ComicFreshen Up Your LipI should have studied harder...The Saga Continues...Love Story--I had organ music running through my head as I drew thisCats Must Be Efficient Time TravelersWhen Mathematicians Flirt...Next on Fox!The Beatles Were Right!Real Analysis II: Now in 3-D!Graph TheoryApple pi, anyone?TofauxThe Conversations of AppliancesDon't know what to call this one...Expect delays.Meet Autonomouse!Mildly inappropriateOn the Intersection of Graph Theory and Satanism, Part the SecondOn the Intersection of Graph Theory and Satanism, Part the First....The Frobenius ProblemThe Return of Puppets Without Pants: What is Math Research?2D Jette will return and the puns will be as bad as ever!Sorry for the pause in 2D puppetry...Puppets Without Pants--Passing Yourself On the Street, Phase the FirstPuppets Without Pants--A Mime in Their MidstYou Should Hear What He Said to the HarePuppets Without Pants--Repeating DecimalsPuppets Without Pants--Mislexiphonia...a syndrome that ruins many a good pun.Puppets Without Pants--Self-RecognitionIf Homer turned out to be a woman...specifically Mother Goose.Dear Summer,Puppets Without Pants--Lost in Translation, AgainPuppets Without Pants--An ExplanationSubject: Direct All Comments Via E-mail to Paradox Police c/o ZenoPuppets Without Pants--dx/dtHiatusPuppets Without Pants--Developing a ModelPuppets Without Pants--The Ear-ly Pun Gets The GroanPuppets Without Pants--Puppet Ears?Puppets Without Pants--Why You Should Always Knock FirstPuppets Without Pants--When We Grow UpPuppets Without Pants--Aut For the Sake of AutPuppets Without Pants--Irrational 1337 Puppets Without Pants--RegressionTwisted Sharpie Celebrates Pi Day with a Festive RecipeThe Best Test I Have Ever Taken--A True StoryPuppets Without Pants--The CrosswordCherry PiPuppets Without Pants--If You Give Your Elf A CookiePuppets Without Pants--Me, My Elf, and IPuppets Without Pants--Petersen GraphPants Without PuppetsThe Dot Product and the Search for IdentityPuppets Without Pants--Veggies!Puppets Without Pants--Conspicuous ConsumptionPuppets Without Pants--The Western Gone AwryPuppets Without Pants--International That's What She Said DayTo Marty McFly, my dream ValentinePuppets Without Pants Outreach Program--Helping Hands (Guest Contributor)Puppets Without Pants--Knot TheoryPuppets Without Pants--Alphabet ProofPuppets Without Pants--A Stand Against EmoPuppets Without Pants--The Limits (Limb-its) of Loss (Part II of II)Puppets Without Pants--The Limits (Limb-its) of Loss (Part I of II)Spider-aNeo sees the first signedPuppets Without Pants--Armed and Alone, Guest Appearance by Boy on a Stick and Slither Math--Not Just Good for Doubling RecipesA Very Cold Puppets Without PantsPuppets Without Pants--An Armful of PunsPuppets Without Pants and ArmsPuppets Without Pants--The Importance of ClosureWhere have all the puppets gone?Merry ChristmasThe Sum of PhisComing Out of Her ShellThe Real WorldSpherical Coordinate RollercoasterHoliday ShoppingUndead Puppets Without PantsPuppets Without Pants--Humor After Death?Metapuppets without Pants--Day 3Metapuppets without Pants--Day 2Metapuppets without PantsLost in TranslationTension on the RoadtripPlane AnxietyPuppets Without Pants--Outreach ProgramMathmanDulce et Decorum Est: It is Sweet and Right to Watch YouTubeSmall-talkThe ReaperDandylandPuppets Without Pants--Agreeing to DisagreePuppets Without PantsAct IIIPuppets Without Pants--IntermissionAct IIPuppets Without PantsPuppets Without Pants--Did we die?Puppets Without Pants--Vote Yes on i